Syndicate Expo

Syndicate Expo


The Syndicate Expo is a closed event that is only open to Alumni, Alumni’s Family, and Alumni’s friends. You are encouraged to bring your friends and family. This is also a kid friendly event. Shooting will be deep in the range so noise will be limited at the vendor booths. Register as soon as possible as this helps with planning!

Events and Highlights:

  • Training (Open to all)
  • Vendors
  • Food
  • Giveaways
  • Speakers
  • Demonstrations
  • and most importantly, getting the community together!


  • Bring 100rds of 556 and 9mm. (You are welcome to bring more)
  • A kydex-type holster 
  • Magazine holder for (1) spare magazine
  • Good belt
  • Ear protection
  • Eye protection
  • Those attending training need to have a solid foundation in fundamentals and safety

Location and Time:

  • Azusa, CA (Burro Canyon)
  • Saturday, December 12 9am- 3pm
  • We have two ranges (East 2A/2B).


  • Cost is free unless you plan to shoot ($45).
  • Bring cash for food and vendors. (No reception for card machines)
  • If you are out of the state of CA, we encourage you to attend and we will help recommend lodging locations, etc.
  • Make sure to add to cart your family and/or friends you are bringing. 

Vendors and Training:

  • Oneshot Industries 
  • Defense Strategies Group
  • Chosen Armory
  • Angel Cortes
  • Savage Infidel
  • CRG Tactical 
  • and much more!