Low Profile Gunfighter
Low Profile Gunfighter
Low Profile Gunfighter
Low Profile Gunfighter
Low Profile Gunfighter
Low Profile Gunfighter
Low Profile Gunfighter
Low Profile Gunfighter

Low Profile Gunfighter



Low Profile Gunfighter 1 utilizes proven concealed/low profile techniques with both Carbine/Rifle and Pistol weapon systems used by the instructors in semi-permissive and non-permissive environments. You are going to learn to incorporate these weapon systems into YOUR everyday life and be ready for realistic situations you may encounter in the real world. 

This course is specifically designed for responsible armed citizens, off duty law enforcement and military on how to be a protector. Our training goes "beyond the gun" as we mentor students on the genesis of what they are training for. We educate students not only on the how, but also on the why to every technique and tactic we teach. We have designed our  courses for students to immediately apply what they have learned and to integrate these procedures into their team/family. These are leadership courses and we are training you to be a force multiplier.


    • Open to Law Abiding Citizens, Law Enforcement, and Military
    • Must have a solid foundation in safe carbine/rifle and pistolhandling skills
    • Contact us if you have any questions on the class as we encourage you to attend
    • A quality semi-automatic AR/AK type platform. AR 9mm carbines, sub guns, and personal defense Weapons are good to bring.  
    • Sling (2 point adjustable recommended)
    • Optic (Strongly recomended) (COME ZEROED!)
    • A quality semi-automatic pistol and a minimum of (3) magazines
    • A kydex-type outside the waistband holster or inside the waistband holster (email us for approval if you want to run a sling type pack or purse)
    • Magazine holder for (1) spare magazine or go bag
    • Garment that conceals your pistol and holster
    • Good Belt
    • Ear protection
    • Eye protection
    • 400 rifle rounds of quality ammunition. No  green tip or steel core ammunition!
    • 200 pistol rounds of quality ammunition.


    • Training is from 8:30am to 4:00pm (This class can go over on time depending on students. We will not end the class until training standards have been met, plan accordingly).
    • Bring your own food and water
    • Bring any inclement weather clothing, bug spray, or sunblock as needed
    • Once you purchase the course, you are enrolled and we will see you at training. Remember, training starts promptly at 8:30am
    • Once you enter the range complex, follow the Risen Warrior signs directing you to the training bay

    * No refunds

    * Any additional questions please email us at info@risenwarriorsyndicate.com




    Cowtown Shooting Range
    10402 W Carefree Hwy
    Peoria, AZ 85383  


    Burro Canyon Shooting Park
    22100 E Fork Rd
    Azusa, CA 91702


     Pro Gun Glub
    12801 Old U.S. 95
    Boulder City, NV 89005


    California Tactical Academy
    6700 Holser Canyon Road
    Piru, CA 93040