Lucas is a former United States Army Paratrooper that has served in many leadership roles throughout his time in the military. He has deployed to numerous theater of operations ranging from Kosovo, Iraq, and Afghanistan. During his Afghanistan deployment, Lucas served in a critical leadership role in a unit where multiple high value targets were captured. Asymmetrical Warfare Group (AWG) was tasked to study the success of this unit and spread the tactics, techniques, and procedures that were used Army wide. He was then selected to serve as a Protective Services Detail Leader for the US AFRICOM Commander where he conducted numerous low visibility protective service operations throughout Africa, Europe, and CONUS. He also served as a Special Reaction Team Entry Team Leader, SRT Instructor, PSD Instructor, and Evasive Driving Instructor. Lucas was medically retired as a Sergeant First Class after just short of 15 years of Service. He graduated from Liberty University with a Bachelors Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies (Business and Government).




Will was a police officer located in Southern California in a major metropolitan area. The cities’ population consisted of over 300,000 residents and is home to some of the most notorious gangs in the country. He worked patrol operations and was on the collateral K9 team. During his service as a police officer, he was recognized multiple times for his service to his community and was credited for saving civilian lives with his quick decisive actions on multiple occasions. He is well rounded in firearms, tactical driving, active killer, communications, patrol operations and more. Will also has previous experience working in correctional facilities where he served on an ERT (Emergency Reaction Team). Will was recently medically retired from the police force and is on a mission to share his experiences with other protectors. Will graduated with an Associate Degree in Criminal Justice and considers himself a lifelong student in the art of being a Warrior. 



Jason has been employed as a deputy sheriff in Southern California for the past 18 years and has worked multiple assignments within the jails, courts, and patrol operations. Jason has held the positions of Field Training Officer, Defensive Tactics Instructor, and is currently assigned as a Range Instructor for his department. He has extensive experience in undercover operations working in assignments such as, Gangs and Narcotics teams, street level investigations, as well as working on a DEA task force. During his time as a deputy sheriff, Jason has been awarded 4 Major Incident Medals and 1 Life Saving Award. In addition to these awards, he was nominated for a United States Senate Citation and Governor of California Citation. Jason’s experiences through tragic incidents have unpredictably provided him an expert insight into lethal use of force, criminal and civil. Jason has taken these 5 officer involved shootings and turned them into positive opportunities to help fellow officers who suffer from PTSD by being a guest speaker at UCLA’s satellite campus. He has also been invited as a guest speaker at CNOA’s training class, “Surviving the Aftermath.” Jason is also a member of the Sheriff’s 3-Gun competition team and holds the rank of a purple belt in Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Jason graduated Cum Laude, with a Bachelor of Science In Criminal Justice, minoring in Sociology.




Nick has been in and around the off-road industry for most of his life. In 2010 he  raced off-road motorcycles in the AMA District 37 Classes. Endurance racing to short-course, he competed in all of it. After a major injury, he migrated to racing 1400 Class Off-Road Race Trucks in the Mojave Desert Racing Series and entered in several Best in the Desert Racing events as well. After the MDR series ended up succumbing to pressure from the environmental community, he turned his focus to road racing and building track cars. Nick thrived in anything automotive from trucks to cars.

After a few years being away from the offroad scene, he conceptualized the idea for Peak Suspension. Starting with a 2016 Chevy Colorado Z71 Duramax, he collaborated on a build project with Eibach Springs in Corona to build a SEMA Show Truck and Overland Expo Booth vehicle. Nick's experience and firsthand knowledge in the industry led him to officially start Peak Suspension in 2017 with its primary focus on the Chevy Colorado and mid-size market. Fast forward 3 years, Peak Suspension has grown into a leader in the Offroad & Overland Market; Peak's philosophy is a customer forward approach helping the customer build a truck to suit THEIR needs vs overselling just to make a profit. All Peak Suspension products are designed, tested and manufactured in the USA. Nick and Peak Suspension host a number of off-road events and partner with Weekend Offroad to help first time off-roaders with gaining experience in off-road navigation, communications and overall driving confidence.


"Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil's schemes." - Ephesians 6:11